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CameronB is an active fan of YTMND, but he has literally no knowledge of coding html, and so he has refrained from making an actual YTMND until appropriate inspiration strikes. Then, I'll pick a page, examine it's source, fudge something together, and get harassed by the trolls who want to call me a "faggot n00b".

I can hardly fucking wait.

See Uncyclopedia (below) for more info.

Early Life

CameronB was born in Michigan, but has been transplanted across the world at various times by Commies

Teenage Years

I hated my teenage years.

  • I was a nerd.
  • I was in Band.
  • I wore a trenchcoat to school.

After That

  1. I joined the Army
  2. I got out of the Army
  3. I joined the National Guard
  4. I got out of the National Guard
  5. I joined the National Guard (again)
  6. I got out of the National Guard (again)

Other Projects

I'm a contributor to Uncyclopedia. See [This LINK!]

Though I've not contributed anything in quite a while, my brief stay with the wonderful folks at uncyclopedia was indeed, er... wonderful. As soon as I figure out something amusing to write again, you can rest assured that it will be updated there.