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{{YTMNDer Detailed|name=AWPerative
{{YTMNDer Detailed|name=AWPerative
|firstSiteCaption=Discovery Of An Emo Gangster Hybrid (TEST SITE)
|firstSiteCaption=Discovery Of An Emo Gangster Hybrid (TEST SITE)

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Date of first site
Discovery Of An Emo Gangster Hybrid (TEST SITE), created September 8, 2006
June 8, 2006
Avg. site rating: *
Avg. vote rate: *
...as of unknown
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A not well known but competent YTMND member, AWPerative prides himself on making YTMNDs without the use of PhotoShop or any other special devices that other YTMND people use. Occasionally, some of his sites make "Up And Coming".

Most of his YTMNDs are balanced between making YTMNDs out of fads and making original ones. Although, like many YTMNDers, a frequent victim of downvoters, AWPerative continues to make YTMNDs despite this. AWPerative hates observers, who are people who downvote even though they never made any YTMNDs in the first place.

AWPerative's best and highest rated YTMND is Votehacks assist the mentally disabled.


AWPerative is a devoted fan of the comedian Bob Saget.

AWPerative plays the computer game Stepmania.

Current Projects

AWPerative is spearheading a new YTMND fad, called REALITYTMND. The purpose of REALITYTMND is self-explanatory: to point out how the human race can sink to new lows. Current REALITYTMNDs include The Daily Routine of JoshCube, where he points out how JoshCube lives such a sad existence. Other REALITYTMNDs are in the works.

(1/2/07): REALITYTMNDs have garnered an average of 2.6 stars in its existence, which is slightly below average. However, more are in the works.

(1/3/07): WHYTMND is a spin off of REALITYTMND, but has not garnered a lot of success.

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