These cuffs

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These cuffs
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Original YTMND:
by Nitros14
May 1st, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

These Cuffs

These Cuffs sites feature a clip from the American TV show Cops where a man, having been handcuffed, announces that he "can break these cuffs" and proceeds to attempt to pull his shackles apart. After the arresting officer assures him of the futility of his actions, he lets out an eccentric yell as a result of his efforts. These Cuffs sites generally feature a song with the sound clips mixed in, and some kind of animated image with the arrested man. officer Rosenthal with the Las Vegas Metro Police was in numerous COPS episodes on the Las Vegas strip and has left us with many memorable episodes. He is by far the best personality we have ever scene on COPS. There is another episode featuring Officer Rosenthal with the dwarf which is just as funny as the foot pursuit segment.

History of Cuffs

The first site I CAN BREAK THESE CUFFS, made by Nitros14, was actually made in May 2007 and featured a still image from the show with the now famous sound clip. However, the fad did not catch on until mcroix created You can't break those cuffs in July 2008. This site featured the same sound clip but had an animated GIF instead of the still image that Nitros14 used. Later that day, AndySavage created Can't Break This, the first spinoff. By the next day, it appeared that the fad had caught on with the creation of fourest's Love In These Cuffs, which is the highest rated site so far.

Resurrection of Cuffs

Several months later, fourest decided to make another rap mash-up with Kardinal Offishal's "Dangerous".

Popular Spinoffs so far

(including the above two):

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Breaking the Cuffs

Breakz Deez Cuffz (by original creator)

The Legend of NOAAGH: These Cuffs of Time


OLYMPICTMND: Cuff breaking event

Zombie Cuff Breaking

Kunta Kinte Can't Break These Cuffs