The 50,000 Milestone

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The 50,000 Milestone is an acheivement only one YTMND user has accomplished to date.

The milestone refers to voting totals on sites; user Decisi8ns[1] has long surpassed the milestone, with 85,000+ votes cast as of January 2007, though he has an average rating of less than 1.4.

For comparison, the next closest user, Pineapplesarebetter[2], has achieved only 40,000 votes to date, less than half of Descisi8ns.

Once more users reach the 50,000 mark, the milestone will likely be referred to as a club, as in the less demographically elite 10,000 Votes Club and 5,000 Votes Club, with the next major milestone tentatively being the 100,000 threshold. At the present rate, it would seem that Descisi8ns will also be the first to hit this historic vote total, though, with his low vote average, it will not be without controversy.