Ted Danson

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Ted Danson
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Original YTMND:
ioh\sdb yhb uv hiyb!
by filibuster
October 14, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

Ted Danson (full name Edward Bridge Danson III) is an actor famous for his roles on Cheers, Becker, and now as a forced fad on ytmnd. Most of these sites involve Ted Danson either shopped into other fads, or in new material that displays him as a god-like figure. He is also sometimes associated with Neil Flynn, who plays the janitor on the television show Scrubs. The song associated with this fad is the moon level theme from the NES Ducktales game.

Pre-fad Danson

Before his sudden rise to popularity, Danson was used on occasion in Dew Army sites that involved dancing. These sites, although unrelated to the fad, were fairly popular and dated as far back as 2004.


Danson in the Moonlight
Danson Queen
Danson’s Feeling Hella Good
Danson in the Dark, Also Cox
Ooo!  Watch the puppets Danson!

Forced Fad Campaign

In October 2007, a campaign headed by filibuster, omgbomb, and dmaz, declared that Ted Danson would the newest ytmnd fad, and proceeded to turn out large numbers of sites. filibuster’s original sites used various pieces of music, but he soon switched to the moon level music from the Ducktales game and sealed its place as the Danson theme. filibuster also created an outside website to promote the fad, Ted-Danson.com.

About Danson

According to filibuster, Danson is his own favorite actor, and his favorite shows are Cheers and Becker. Danson has 47 wives. Although his nemesis is Woody Harrelson, he is also his best friend. Danson discovered at an early age that he was god, leading the the founding of Dansonism. All will obey Danson or face extermination.

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