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Mark Troll #30 as inactive. He hasn't been on since July. --- Connor-ENTER TALK PAGE @ YOUR OWN RISK 19:14, October 1, 2007 (CDT)

Nugget isn't a troll, he's just cranky. HeatherChandler 01:37, February 3, 2007 (CST)

Agreed. He's more of a comment spammer, not a troll. Dr-R337 01:39, February 3, 2007 (CST)

Wolfson and Dantheman are deserving to be on this page. -- fyrestorm 02:15, February 3, 2007 (CST)

Edit Requests

This article was locked due to constant vandalism. Now on, if you want an edit to be made on this article, simply make a request in this section. An admin will then add your request in if he approves of it.

  • Daton has been banned from YTMND, but he is labled Banned,But Returned with many alts. He should now be labled Banned.
  • italliandom72291's Crimes against YTMND should be changed to
Creates sites with the burning cat video, titling the sites with members names, as well as using their names as the sites source and description. Refuses to admit he's a troll and tried to remove himself from this list several times. Was banned from YTMND, but returned as italiandom72291thesecond still the way he was before but also had an alt account named F4LL-0U7-80Y, that he used to spam YTMND with sites that are always titled "*random topic* sucks..", and the site text says "But Puffi Ami Yumi Dosen't!!!" or "But Fall Out Boy Dosen't!!!" with a picture of said band, but got banned again. Currently back as italliandom72291, back to burning cat picture. He is also known to post sites as an attack to his enemies. He was also allegedly "firends" with coolchick1794, and apparently shared an account together with some kids they met on Myspace called spiderpig.

I also think that his threat level should say Low.

GucheHair ... Whetstone and peterguy?

GucheHair it not a troll either I don't think. It seems to me that hes more of a comment spammer. He belongs on the downvoter list or on the comment spammer list. This list is for users that partake in faggotry that doesn't classify as comment spamming, downvoting, or NARVishness alone (Such as submitting a wave of shock sites, Using lots of alt accounts to mass upvote or downvote (as opposed to using only one account). --Rylasasin 15:53, February 3, 2007 (CST)

- I agree that Guchehair needs to be added to this list. he singlehandedly kept dozens of sites off UAC yesterday and has re registered again -- MasterSitsu = February 25

I'll add Dantheman and Wolfson. Though i need an opinion on this... what about Whetstone and his accomplice Peterguy? do they count as trolls too? --Rylasasin 15:53, February 3, 2007 (CST)

Offense: They would keep spamming ytmnd with religious messages even when asked to stop by the majority of ytmnd users. While they aren't anywhere as malicious as say TB or MW, I still say they still should have their place on the list for their actions. --Rylasasin 15:53, February 3, 2007 (CST)

oh ok sorry--tehpwnerer2 20:05, February 3, 2007 (CST)

Guchehair has been IP banned from YTMND due to constantly making dozens of alt accounts, posting shock images, and trolling YTMND in general.

jizzmotron needs to be set to inactive since it seems to be deleted


Should he count as a troll? He always usually uses the same sound and while he has made a fanbase (including from myself), alot of people dislike him.- Jake 24:01, February 25, 2007 (CST)


The guy's already been banned a few times, uses webwarper to go around it. Comment spams, posts shock sites, mass e-venges, etc. Dali 09:59, February 25, 2007 (CST)

2007 = year of the troll?

You know, like 2006 was pretty much the year of the NARV, 2007 looks like it's gonna be the year of the troll. An impressive amount of trolls are joining and creating massive amounts of site, upvoting each other and downvoting everything else. Should there be a mention of this in this article or is it not important enough yet? Dali 21:14, March 21, 2007 (CDT)


I trolled (or rather, fucked around) for a very short time on my original username Shenmoo, I'm surprised I'm listed here. However, I do wish to point out that even though I use the name Skerlnick now, I am not a troll and have never been one with this account. I don't consider myself a troll in any case because I was here for a long time before I decided to mess around for about a week. - Skerlnick 2:02, March 28, 2007 (EST)

awww that's cute =)--momthinksimcool 04:24, May 11, 2007 (CDT)

Yaoifangurl4U ?

Is that user a troll or a NARV? I can only tell that that user is a heterophobe. --Artman40 07:38, April 8, 2007 (CDT)


Used to use the "Ban (Insert generally loathed YTMNDer here) Button" joke way too many times. Questionable taste in music. Will often vandalize the wiki to remove all content against her. Won't admit being a troll. Was once friends with italiandom72291 and defended him to the point of heart attack whenever someone pointed out what a douche he is. She apparently "broke up" with him and posted a YTMND about it, thinking anyone would care. She and italiandom72291 share an alt called spiderpig.---Astrotrain

What might you mean by questionable taste in music? Aren't we all entitled to our tastes without slanderous remarks made about them? And yes, I consider "questionable" to be slanderous. Just stating my opinion here.

Also, last I checked the content she tried to remove was locked, so isn't the present tense incorrect here?

I also corrected a few of Astrotrain's spelling errors because they were driving me nuts. Sorry if it bothers anyone. Inobambino 01:50, September 17, 2008 (CDT)

Sociology thesis?

Me and some other students did an undergraduate sociology thesis on internet trolling as it relates to the nsfw forums and to a lesser extent the front page. I was wondering if anyone thought it would be appropriate to add some of it here or maybe upload the file somewhere and link it. It's 75 pages (actually titled tldr) so i can submit an edited or truncated version once I find the time. Also before reporting this post for vandalism please pm me for evidence, because I'm not joking, although I suspect this may not be taken seriously... --momthinksimcool 17:27, May 11, 2007 (CDT)

I'd like to see it :D BTape 18:00, May 11, 2007 (CDT)


Shouldn't there be some discussion of trolling as a form of humor? I mean this is a humor site after all and humor is very important to trolling. I'd write something now but really don't have the time.. maybe later. --momthinksimcool 17:46, May 11, 2007 (CDT)

What the Hell's humorous about a kitty being lit on fire?--Darky

my deffinition of a troll

  • people that repeatedly post the same image and/or clip (especialy if it is that stupid 3500hz thing because that is ment to piss people off) I think it's ok to re-post but no more than 3 times. if it didn't make 'up and coming' the third time then it never will.
  • attacking other users because it's so stupid
  • attacking or conspiracy to attack other sites including chat rooms or discussion boards
  • if more than 15% of your sites are shock sites
  • child porn (duh)
  • abuse of the wiki
  • stealing content

if this does not fit the troll catagory there should be "malicious user" category for this I also think NARVs are just users that don't get the ettiquitte of ytmnd or downvote because they don't get the jokes

feel free to add your 2 cents to this

Edit Requests?

This article was locked due to constant vandalism, along with NARV and Comment Spammer. These articles were said to be deleted, but apparently never were. I was thinking that if these articles are still here, they should at least be updated so it wont show old useless info, but how? I was thinking of creating an edit request section in the talk pages. Users would add a request and when an admin sees the new request he adds it to the list under his approval, both to keep vandals away and to keep these articles useful. Also, somewhere on the articles, there should be a message that says "This article was last updated (month) (day), (year)", so users would know when it was last updated. So, what do you think? -bruno

I think this is a good idea, though I'd almost favor just deleting all three of these articles. I suppose they should stay up until the mod system is in place and then reports can just be made directly. I may just unlock the article, too, if the request idea becomes too much of a hassle.BTape 19:37, August 21, 2007 (CDT)
Okay then. Also, unprotecting the articles, I don't think would be a good idea because with the articles vulnerable again, the vandalism that got these articles blocked would just come back.

Can someone unlock this or set my status to [color=pink][i]sexy[/i][/color]<<mtic

A few requests for Mods

I've noticed that this article needs some work done. Here's a few things:

  • TwistedBarney should be changed to Inactive, as he has not been active since September 1st. He even told me himself that he's bored of YTMND (good news to those who are not very big fans of him :P). It should also be added that he created the Hulk-Hogan downvoter account, as here even admitted it here.
  • altf4 has been Banned or he deleted himself. I'm guessing it's likely the former, but the latter is also possible. It should also be added to his description that "he later returned to make more nonsense, repetitive sites, most of them featuring the Little Lad from the Skittles Berries and Cream commercial. He was eventually banned, however."
  • learn2troll's account is gone. I'm pretty sure it has been Banned.
  • Pedophile4you should be changed from Reported to FBI/account locked but returned to Reported to FBI/Banned as his account is deleted. Also, I don't recall him making an alt account, but if he did, the account is likely gone now.
  • tennousei's online status is hidden, but he has not made a site or posted a comment since July, so I'm willing to bet he's Inactive.
  • Also, what Bruno and LordAstrotrain said about Daton and italliandom72291 should also be added. Okay, so this was more than just a few, but still.--Jake 09:48, October 28, 2007 (CDT)

"Stupid 3500Hz thing"

Quite a few of my square wave sites have made the U&C


He vanished from YTMND after many parodies of his "I will post this every day until you like it" all sprang up in a short window of time. I think he's pretty much gone forever, as he accomplished his goal...sorta.

I heard he was permanently banned. Inobambino 09:47, April 6, 2008 (CDT)

Request: Open this page

As well as the Comment Spammer and NARV pages. They are severely outdated and the mods themselves are not doing anything about this.--cacaclownfacedfaggot 09:59, April 6, 2008 (CDT)


Where'd the list go?

Yeah where the heck is the list?

Btape deleted the list. WTF.

This list is far from complete

# User Activity Crimes against YTMND Threat level
01 twistedbarney Active Constantly submits sites with Old man orgies, Always under NEDM domain names and site names. Also Revenge Downvotes, and has been spotted using upvoting alt accounts (pois0nX, where X is replaced with a number) to occasionally launch his sites into U&C. High
02 HarrisonGantz Inactive Tried to seek attention by downvoting sites and leaving brash comments about how ytmnd users were nerds and how he was better than them. Would also leave a link to either a Youtube page or his myspace. See HarrisonGantz for more info about this troll. None
03 Joshcube Banned Tried to create a "DYTMND" fad, mass registers alt accounts for upvoting. Claims or at least implies to claim to have started the sega ordeal. Evades bans. see JoshCube for more info. Started fad "YTMND cards" and used alt accounts to upvote. High
04 Shenmoo Banned (may have deleted himself, though) Spammed YTMND with shock sites, and later highly inflammatory, poorly made sites. Now reformed under the user Skerlnick. none
05 MichaelWolfson Banned phished and deleted all of fourest's YTMNDs sites under DR. L337 alongside Dantheman. See Michael Wolfson for more info about this troll. none
06 Dantheman Active phished and deleted all of fourest's YTMNDs under DR. L337 nickname alongside Micheal Wolfson. Was the original creator of DR. L337. Creates crap sites that often use the same image and sound over and over again, and some that celebrates Joshcube and Micheal Wolfson's work. High
07 altf4 Active Not to be confused with the creator of the infamous flash, constantly posts a pornographic Simpsons picture with a loud, annoying, high pitched 3500 HZ square wave. He claimed that the reason for this was because Max had stolen something from him, but he never made it clear what it was that he stole. High
08 MewtwoStruckBack Banned eBaum's World supporter. Claims that big companies have the right to bully weaker people because they have lots of money. Would downvote all of your sites, including sites that he may have previously upvoted, if he caught you downvoting Cheers to YTMND, making an anti-eBaum site or even supporting someone else's, or making fun of him. Banned July 30, 2006 "for being a dumb idiot and making a death threat." none
09 momthinksimcool Active Has created many websites usiing the imfamous cat-burning video gif that started NEDM. She has also blantently steals images from several popular ytmnd sites. She also dowvotes all nintendo wesites (see and it is clear that She is most likely trying to be as hated as possibele. Aslo got herself banned from both the ytmnd forums and nsfw forums multiple times for her trolling. High
10 learn2troll Inactive Creates sites with a clip of a man being decapitated with a knife under seemingly SFW titles and domains, then advertises them in the comments in Up and coming. High
11 Pedophile4you Reported to FBI/account locked but returned Keeps making sites depicting lewd or pornographic pictures of underage women, most of which are titled "Jailbait" and have a song by Motorhead playing in the background. High
12 Boleslav Inactive Makes the site with links to the user's Outwar(sic) page Medium
13 GucheHair Permanently Banned Used a large number of alt accounts to downvote many sites. After many months of users catching his alt accounts and reporting him and him coming back over and over with more alt accounts, max finally IP banned GucheHair from ytmnd. gone
14 MontellJordan Active Creates sites playing This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan with a close up picture of a random person or character. The sites are not offensive but extremely repetitive & he is quite prolific. He currently has 129 sites that all follow this formula. Low
15 Maplejet Active Creates vapid sites playing a loud, annoying, high pitched 3500 HZ square wave to vent his incredibly short temper. Gets most angry when disagreed with. Low
20 fapfapfap Active Creates sites of old women porn with one particular song that sounds like it's from porn,. Medium
22 Daton Banned,But Returned with many alts Posted blatantly illegal child porn, the image that started NEDM, Lesbian Hentai, and is an overall Upvoter but hates anything that is actually good. Medium High
23 italiandom72291 Banned, but returned Creates sites with the burning cat video, titling the sites with members names, as well as using their names as the sites source and description. Refuses to admit he's a troll and tried to remove himself from this list. Returned as italiandom72291thesecond still the way he was before, but claims that the trolling was due to somebody hacking into his account. Has an alt account named F4LL-0U7-80Y. Pending...
24 lemonpartycouk Active Creates shock sites with pictures of various kinds of porns and freaky pictures, as well as posting sexually explicit comments. High
25 hijackthis1 Active Creates sites encouraging forum raids completely unrelated to ytmnd, all his other sites are stupid even by ytmnd bad standards. Has abnormal obsession with the golden warthog mod from Halo 2. Low
26 wwegsbsong Inactive Creates sites with crappy drawn pictures or photos and a child's voice for the sounds, most likely an underage user at the time Low
27 genesis16 Inactive A bigot who made really crappy sites (the majority of them also stolen from other YTMND sites), made sites that were against people for personal reasons (such as people who smoked), praised sites for being racist againsts black people and flamed members. Also sent an offensive PM to a member, which inspired a short lived fad about him. Low
28 Jim-X Active One of the original trolls, makes anoying sites with a pick of himself going "OH!" and the caption "You guys suck" and also makes bad sites. Very High
29 ExFurry Active Posts disgusting porn sites, has been posting the same pic of an geiser getting a bj lately Medium High
30 bigniggercocks Inactive Some of his sites are porn, has stolen some sites from users, will also sometimes comment spam one of his own sites along with a downvote. Medium
31 Cthulhu138 Inactive Has made several "cake" sites with the exact same image and the exact same sound (a clip from "Cooking by the Book" from LazyTown). Also says racist slurs and references to the GNAA (Gay Nigger Association of America). Despite him clearly being a troll, however, he has gain a medium fanbase, and is believed by some to have started LazyTown fads. See Cthulhu138 for more information. None
32 hottchick Active Makes sites that are crude inside jokes(such as two fat ladies)with the caption"fat bitches" Medium
33 Biboy19 Reported to FBI/Banned Posted 2 sites. 1st one with a picture of a penis and the 2nd one containing child pornography. Legal action was taken against him. High
34 NiggletsAreCute Active makes bad sites that target individuals and made a site telling people to send instant messages to a person he was trolling on AOL Medium
35 jizzmotron Active has only one funny site. Downvotes other users and leaves offensive comments on their sites. Medium
36 tennousei Active has several alt user names and uses them to downvote people that don't like his sites. these are his alts: darkphire darkphirex darkphirea darkphireb darkphirec darkphired darkphiree darkphiref darkphireg darkphireh High