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I don't know what's wrong with the picutre, I uploaded the image and it has the correct name, but still doesn't show. PsychoMedic 18:41, September 22, 2006 (CDT)

Hovering the pointer over the link says "Image:3500.jpg|", the | may be what makes it broken, but I don't know what's wrong. -It's Smiddle, LOL | What is Talk Page? 23:28, September 22, 2006 (CDT)


Shouldn't this be moved to "ear rape"? --Lyght55 01:38, September 24, 2006 (CDT)

Probably PsychoMedic 23:24, October 23, 2006 (CDT)


First off, the "sine waves" take no effort and are esssentially a bland and uncreative way to construct noise sites.

Noise sites, as they are rightfully called, are essentially artistic projects of varying intensity trying to coax a unique and distinct sound out of an audio editor. The characteristics of a noise site include a feeling of being enveloped into a complex and rich audio experience that often takes as much effort to construct as any genre of music.

It's not ear rape, as ytmnd'ers have mislabeled. Don't call it ear rape. -Kassius

I disagree somewhat. Ear rape sites are the no-effort square waves, while noise/polend sites are what you describe. -BTape

You guys make me feel so inadequate :( -PsychoCola