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This article was locked due to constant vandalism. Now on, if you want an edit to be made on this article, simply make a request in this section. An admin will then add your request in if he approves of it.


Don't know when he started, but he'll comment "RAWR!" with a 5-star rating and he'll comment "rawr." with a 3-star rating. Those are the only two ratings he's ever used (except for one 1-star rating). I don't mind him. The "roaring" goes well with his dinosaur user name.

Also, I lol'd when I saw my name on that list. --Prairiedogeric10 11:17 PM, August (2 or 3? what the hell is today's date?), 2007 (CDT)


He wants his part of the article to tell that he deleted himself. His "Activity" should be changed to Inactive. And on "Other Information" it should say "Was originally banned but returned as JakeWiiEd, but later deleted himself."