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{{iboriginal|catfly|Supercat <small>(original site hosted on)</small>}}
{{ibdate|January 2006|January 2006}}
|title1=SuperCat's Adoptive Parents Discover He is not Like Other Cats
|title2=SuperCat Reverses Horrible Tragedy
|title3=SuperCat Saves Indiana Jones
|title4=SuperCat Saves YTMND
|title5=SuperCat's Adoptive Parents Discover He can Rave
{{ibt|Used Music}}
{{ibm|John Williams|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/5d08b6ae6b999e4606c1bd658c2159ad Superman Theme]}}
The '''SuperCat''' fad originated from a still photograph of a white cat jumping through the air entitled "Up, up, and away!" with the Superman theme as accompaniment. The fad's name "Supercat" was given by the community.  A simultanious submission entitled "{{y|upupupuppup|Up, up... and awtfomg?!}}" featured a cat jumping off a pole and was soon assimilated into the SuperCat fad (the white cat has been seen photoshopped into the pole cat's footage on several occasions). The original Supercat YTMND was taken down on February 7, 2006 due to copyright reasons.  A slightly altered version with the a text explanation of the original YTMND was submitted on April 8, 2006 and can be seen at {{y|catfly|catfly.ytmnd.com}}.

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