Señor Data

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Señor Data
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Original YTMND:
señor data gets spooked  
by LegoLewdite 
December 6, 2010  
Worthy spinoffs:
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Señor Data is a fad centered around the Star Trek character Data who, dressed as a Mexican bandito, peers over a wall before ducking back behind it, usually due to uncomfortable situations.

The fad comes from an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" called "A Fistful of Datas" during which a western-themed virtual simulation becomes populated by multiple characters with Data's likeness due to a glitch. The particular character that Señor Data comes from appears just a few times briefly on the top of a building during the episode's climax. The original site's creator, LegoLewdite, spliced together a couple of these scenes (also reversing one) to create the continuous effect of Data getting "spooked."

Early spin-off sites served to fill in what might have spooked Señor Data, but subsequent permutations have broadened the fad's scope beyond the typical insert-something-here formula.

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