Ridin' Spinnaz

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Ridin Spinnas
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Creator: Peccavi
Created on: April 24, 2004
Sound origin: Three Six Mafia - Ridin' Spinnaz
Image origin: pornography


Ridin Spinnas was one of the first YTMNDs ever created and caused quite a stir in the YTMND community, due to its mesmerizing homosexual content. The site featured two men engaging in anal sex, while one man's penis 'spun' in a counter-clockwise motion. The text read, 'WE RIDIN SPINNAZ ALSO COCKS.' There is some debate as to whether the text has always included the term 'ALSO COCKS.' The first comment left on the site's profile indicates that the site used to read simply 'WE RIDIN SPINNAZ' although there is no conclusive evidence of this fact.

The musical accompaniment was the song 'Ridin' Spinnaz' by Three Six Mafia, a song that pays tribute to the phenomenon of 'spinning rims' on cars often found in predominantly poor neighborhoods.

The site was seen as an ironic commentary on the 'down low,' or the act of African American men engaging in homosexual acts in secret.


Ridin Spinnas' influence has been seen far and wide throughout YTMND and the Internet as a whole. The term 'also cocks,' which is believed to have been coined by the site, is often used in chat rooms and forums as a non-sequitur to end conversations.

Nearly 300 Spinnas spin-off YTMNDs have been created, many of which include the term 'also ____.' Additionally, many 'straight' spin-offs were created to battle the potentially homosexual influence of the site.

Max Goldberg, the creator of YTMND, is said to have claimed that the Ridin Spinnas site was his sole motivator in creating YTMNSFW.com, a site that houses YTMNDs that are considered 'not safe for work.' When Goldberg began running advertising on YTMND, he was forced to remove pornographic content. His belief that Ridin Spinnas was too valuable to the community instigated him to create an alternate site to house such content.

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