Put Shoe on Head

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Put Shoe On Head
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Put Shoe on Head is a fad which spawned on 10:00 PM, June 21, 2006 by the YTMND Ventrilo Server crew. After heat died down on a proposed raid on "The Resistance" (a Neo-Nazi / White Supremacy site), some Ventrilo users (which included several 4chan members) decided to raid LiveJasmine, a porn website based around live and private webcam shows using Macromedia Flash. These raids consisted of flooding performers' rooms with YTMND users and harassing them using the built-in chat box provided for each performer. The first milestone was getting a performer to pick up her keyboard and show it on screen (which several later did). This "Put X On Y" style of harassment eventually turned to "Put Shoe On Head" (the blunt and fragmented sentence seemed to have a stronger effect).

The first performer to even understand the "put shoe on head" requests was Sharissa (most other performers either putting their feet on screen or simply left their room), and after much confusion, she took off her shoe and put it on her head. The original site featured a screen captured by the YTMND user FlyingLaserJesus (seen as "flj" in the LiveJasmine chat window), and was paired with a poorly cropped sound bite, but was later updated. While he was undoubtedly not the only person to make a screen capture of the event, he was the first to consider making it into a YTMND. An animated version was captured by the YTMND user ProfessorBooty, and was released shortly after the original, using the same music.

After the sites initial creation and success, the site was shown to Sharissa and she appeared to be both confused but still amused by the site and the interest YTMNDers had taken in her. Sharissa admitted to many users that she was Russian and lived in Russia (though "not Soviet anymore").

One of the most memorable girls was sexylexy, who not only put the shoe on head, she also put a table, a hat, a bottle of shampoo, between some other things. Besides, she also displayed a paper on camera that reads "Xenu FTW" and "Hail Xenu"

As of June 25th, there were many "Put Shoe on Head" YTMNDs with users asking different LiveJasmine performers to put various objects on their heads. It was believed that the administrators of LiveJasmine have threatened legal action against YTMND for the unauthorized use of its materials and provoking its agents. However, the legal threat was only seen in a forum post and there are certain errors with the post that make its integrity questionable. The Shoe On Head fad has essentially died as of June 27th, 2006.

The theme music for this fad is "The Vengaboys (We Like to Party)", of Six Flags fame. We Like To Party's link with racist content and bigoted forums was not intended to provide subtle commentary in the Shoe on Head fad; it was simply chosen by the original creator as "something that fit."

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