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Pacard recalls his vacation  
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Pacard sites are usually sites that involve an edited image of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, usually portrayed with braids or dreadlocks, in different situations (referred to as "Patrick Pacard," "John Luke Pacard," or other made-up names). The sites' titles are often spelled in all caps and contain the word "epic". Ghost Love Score by Nightwish or "Patrik Pacard" by Lady Lily are often used as the accompanying sound for these sites.

Editing in Place

Usually, the reason why Pacard sites are highly rated and viewed because they first appear as an expertly done fad site on YTMND. When it reaches top viewed, or most voted, the user of the site will edit it, and it becomes a Pacard site. This is a thing of users who are encouraging other users to stop 5ing fads on YTMND. This is sometimes why its considered an interruption, because users will replace their sites with a Pacard fad site.

This cannot be done anymore without breaking the incoming proposed rules shown in the Miscellaneous section.

  • Creating a site and then changing the content completely once it gets highlighted on the front page.
1st offense Site content reverted and site modification suspended (1 month)
2nd offense Site deleted and site modification is suspended (permanently)


Epic Pacard is a highly popular fad based on the epic adventures of Patrick Pacard (also called Epic Pacard or John Luke Pacard).

Pacard, not to be confused with the 1990's science fiction character "Jean-Luc Picard", was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Despite Jamaica's widespread poverty, Pacard has emerged as a national hero, and has easily become Jamaica's most well known cultural export.

Many Epic Pacard sites are highly rated and most have been on the top viewed list, possibly, as some suggest, due to YTMND's highly disproportionate Jamaican fanbase.


  • Pacard is the rumored "5th Man" of the Jamaican Bobsled Team.
  • Whatever Pacard touches, he turns EPIC.
  • "Cool Runnings" is Pacard's nickname in bed (given to him by all his colleagues' wives)
  • Pacard is currently the President of Jamaica while Mr. President is on vacation.
  • Pacard is part owner of Hewlett-Packard. It is spelled "Packard" on the logo because he wanted to incorporate his favorite activity, packing bowls.

The End of Epicness?

On June 5, 2007 a jealous Max Goldberg sent a cease & desist order to PACARD (care of blommer). Being the kind diplomat that he is, PACARD decided to take a vacation from YTMND. Will he [HIS EPICNESS] ever return? Short answer: the world may never know. EPIC answer: of course he will!

The Return of Epicness

On 6th December 2007, blommer posted a seemingly benign site about how the Internets were in danger from the SAFE Act. Exploiting YTMND's easily fooled population who consider themselves Defenders of the Internets, the site garnered many views and high ratings. A while later, the site was changed to We need EPIC freedom and was replaced with a Pacard site complete with EPIC BOND and Hail to the Chief in Reggae Minor. Although there were a few users who managed to discern from the domain, tropicalfreedom, that it was imminently about to become EPIC, most people were duped, including an EPIC flame war about religion, making the comments seem out-of-place with the current site, adding to the hilarity. The site still garnered many upvotes despite the deception, as many had been awaiting the EPIC Second Coming.

Despite max's threat of expelling the diplomat if he returned to YTMND to perform EPICness of any kind, it seems that the exile of Jamaica's one true son has come to an end. Only time will tell what is in store.