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Original YTMND:
Indiana Jones is Outrageous!
by richards6
March 17, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:
  • Freezepop - Jem

Outrageous is a fad involving people dressing and acting in the manner of the cartoon character Jem, sparkling, and often wearing star-shaped sunglasses. Most spinoffs of the original site feature an image with a frilly border centered on a brightly colored background. All of them have vivid multicolored text declaring the subject of the image to be "OUTRAGEOUS!".

The fad is set to the Jem theme song as covered by Freezepop.

Freezepop's Response

Freezepop responded to the Outrageous fad by sending a message to their fans on their MySpace :

Date: 21 Mar 2007, 02:50 PM

Subject: truly truly truly outrageous
Body: our jem cover suddenly seems to be all over ytmnd.com...

it is kinda awesome.

(here's my favorite: http://yodasbuttisoutrageous.ytmnd.com/)

Other YTMNDs

Other sites have used the Freezepop song before, including Jam is outrageous!

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