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{{Fad Infobox|name=Osaka|
|originalTitle=Osaka Osaka! (See, it's clever because it's Osaka and she's in Osaka.)|
|title1=Azumanga Technologic|
|title2=Osaka, stop throwing your damn shoe!! (reload)|
|title3=Osaka Is....Zidane|
|title5=Osaka has been kidnapped! V.2|
'''Osaka''', real name Ayumu Kasuga, is a rather dim-witted character from the anime Azumanga Daioh. She is known for images featuring her vacant expression and acts of stupidity.  There have been many fads based off the character.
==Throwing the Shoe==
The first one to be popular is a gif featuring her kicking her shoe off into the street. In the anime, the shoe is carried off by a fast-moving truck. This sequence is often replaced by other outcomes, such as the falling shoe resulting in an exploding ship, a different vehicle picking up the shoe, or a hydrogen bomb.
Another fad that elevated Osaka to common YTMND knowledge was the Technologic fad that showed a looping .gif image of Osaka that synced easily with the [[Daft Punk]] song "Technologic".  ''See [[Technologic]] for more information.
Osaka can also be seen in the "Azumanga Rave" fad, in where the "Bonklers," the lowest scoring people in the series (Tomo, Kagura, and Osaka) do a weird dance. An annonymous user edited the image to include flashing lights and glowsticks, thus turning it into a rave. This image has been used countless times.

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