Not The Father

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Not The Father
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Original YTMND:
Vader goes on Maury  
Worthy spinoffs:


The fad started when someone mixed a sound clip from a show called 'Maurey' with a vader clip. ('I am your father' 'You are not the father' 'NOOOOOOO!'). This spawned a few similar sites, but it didn't take off. However, someone submitted a video clip from the show which the vader one was based on. It shows a man dancing at the news he wasn't the father of the child. Many of the later sites are based on the gif of the dancing man, often with Michael Jacksons song 'Billy Jean' in the background


This fad wasn't very popular. Although many sites were made, many of them had low votes as people thought they were unoriginal. It was only when it was mixed with the 'You are not my father' fad that it became more popular, although not too popular.