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A "Night of the Unicorns" is a curious YTMND phenomenon in which the actual website is profoundly, yet temporarily, changed.

The Incident

The first so-called "Night of the Unicorns" (coined by ubermann in his site occurred on the night of Sunday, April 22 - Monday, April 23, 2007. This was the same night and some time after the creator of YTMND, Max Goldberg, introduced the "YFLY" top-right corner ads for a week. For a short time, max even applied a large bottom-right corner ad and a bottom-left corner ad.

This strange night was so named for the short-lived unicorns from 'My Little Pony' in the background of the actual YTMND website, along with the song "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne in the background, essentially briefly making YTMND.COM an actual YTMND. Early in the morning max decided to have some fun with the front page and YTMNDongs ventrilo users suggested using the Avril Lavigne song Girlfriend in the background of every site. BTape quickly made and hosted a loop at the following site: and max soon after made the image tile and the sound play on every page, including the news posts, site profiles, front page, etc. This change lasted nearly two hours.

During the madness of the Night of the Unicorns, Max also made the profile page for shadydragon's site produce five pop-ups for anyone who clicks it!

In addition, "YFLY" is automatically wordfiltered to "BILBO BAGGINS" in links other than the official YFly reference. It was also filtered to numerous words such as:


Theorists suggest that this was the night the max broke, some even going so far as saying that it was the night YTMND started to fall. Some say it kicked ass and people really need to stop whining about everything new. The PTKFGS community was hit particularly hard by the emergence of the YFly ads.


By the fourth Night of the Unicorns, it had become fairly clear that the world would be seeing many more such Nights.

SECOND: Mollusk

The next night, April 23-24, 2007, the song "The Mollusk" by the rock group Ween came to be in the background of YTMND.COM much like Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" on the previous night. You can experience the thrill of "round two" of the Night of the Unicorns at maxwhatthef*

THIRD: The Night of the Bold Text

On May 24-25, 2007, max added his own opinions to the front page, sans music, which inspired ubermann to name this third Night "The Night of the Bold Text." Later in the night he changed and all of its subsites (excluding, of course, and some other YTMND Easter Eggs) briefly to his own YTMND,, causing severe confusion among YTMNDers, thinking they were banned. max changed the YTMND watermark to a diet Pepsi can (a Dasyati reference to Ray Charles' pepsi commercials) Many YTMNDers bitched to max about the bans:

FOURTH: Juicy Juice

During the fourth "Night of the Unicorns," on the night of May 28-29, 2007, max had a silent "Juicy Juice" image in the back of, much like the image of the unicorns from the original Night of the Unicorns.

FIFTH: Spoilers

The fifth "Night of the Unicorns" lasted from Sunday, June 10th, 2007 to Tuesday, June 12th 2007. The title bar of YTMND was replaced with a made-up spoiler for the 7th book of Harry Potter.!!CAUTION: FAKE HARRY POTTER SPOILER!!

SIXTH: The Sparkle Puppy

The night after max terminated the "spoiler" titlebar, on the night of Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Wednesday, June 13, 2007,a puppy wearing a YTMND logo was tiled in the background in the classic Night of the Unicorns manner. Once again coined by ubermann, it was "Night of the Sparkle Puppy" because "sparkles" were seen falling (in the manner that snow falls) on This time, the song playing in the background was Alpha Beta Gaga by Air. However, this time the phenomenon was only seen on the front page, and not on the profiles, comments, etc.

This was done in reference to a comment made by Kaizen666 on Max's latest news item announcing the implementation of pink names for "featured users".

Kaizen666's comment was:

First f*ggy blue comments and now pink names. Why don't you have sparkles falling from the top of the page
and a puppy running across the screen with flowers in his mouth.

Max promptly replied:


SEVENTH: Unicorn Urinating Rainbows

On the morning of June 26 the front page was changed again. This time, the Top Viewed list was covered partially by a picture of a Unicorn, who's urine was colored like a rainbow.

It happened to have music as well, called The Ink Spots - I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire.
Read more about the event here or click here to see a still existing version of the unicorn front page. The song playing is Heartaches by Marcels.

EIGHTH: Harry Potter Spoilers

On July 18th, leading up to the release of the 7th and final Harry Potter book, the Featured Users box was changed to a "HARRY POTTER SPOILERS" box, showing spoilers of the 7th book, and all linking to

NINTH: Peppermints

On September 4th, Max changed the background to another animated gif, this time being a swirling peppermint, and changed the song to Incense and Peppermints by Strawberry Alarm Clock.

TENTH: Princess Party

Just a few days later, on September 7th, in an effort to make YTMND appeal to more "young girls," Max changed the front page background to a silent wallpaper saying "Princess Party" and pictures of six Disney Princesses in three hearts: Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Ariel (the only REAL princess the rest are just wannabes).

icenine0 subsequently created Uh oh, Disney! in order to warn the YTMND community of a possible addition to YTMND's legal issues with other companies and people.

ELEVENTH: Remember 9/11

Max shows his patriotism towards America and remembers 9/11 by setting the YTMND's background to this, which is the flag of the United States of America in the background, a bald eagle in the foreground, with the world trade center buildings in between the two. There used to be background music until later in the afternoon. The music is currently unknown.

There could also be a reference to the news A News Broadcast by Rubycalaber, where he repeatedly said JEWS DID 9/11.


Much like Unicorns Urinating Rainbows, Max places a picture of a pig on the front page with the section of the song Frank Sinatra's Swingin' on a Star that is about pigs playing in the background. This, and also the actual Unicorn Urinating Rainbows page, was shown randomly on the night of October 13-14, 2007.

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