Nigga Stole My Bike!

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Nigga Stole My Bike!!!
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Original YTMND:
Nigga Stole My Bike!!!
by Duezce
July 25, 2004
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“Nigga Stole My Bike!!!” is a YTMND by user Duezce. It is was created on July 25, 2004, and is the original inspiration for the Nigga Stole My Bike fad. It's components are an edited picture of the video game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! taken from the March 20, 2003 edition of Something Awful's Photoshop Friday, a short sound clip of Duezce saying "Nigga stole my bike," and text that reads, "Nigga Stole My Bike!" The image shows Doc Lewis (often referred to as the Nigga) riding a bike and Little Mac following. This is an actual event in the original game, with Little Mac training by jogging behind Doc, who is on the bike.

Despite the fact that it was Duezce's YTMND that inspired the Nigga Stole My Bike fad, user CheapAlert's Nigga stole my bike, Punchout remix is the site most often associated for the fad, with over 1,000,000 views [1], while Duezce's original has barely over one-third that many views.


The "Nigga Stole My Bike" (commonly initialed as NSMB) fad had many variants:

  • Parodies of the original image, for example, Doc and Little Mac ch
  • One variant involves other people stealing the bike or running after the thief.
  • Early sites placed the Nigga in other video games stealing various modes of transportation (e.g. Yoshi from Super Mario World, Kirby's Warp Star, Chocobo from Final Fantasy, Robotnik's Machine from the Sonic Series, etc...) with the quote remixed to their respectful game music.
  • Some sites will be a "faggy short film" showing the Nigga stealing another vehicle.

Note that for some of these sites, the original Punch-Out theme and not CheapAlert's song may be used.


In the PTKFGS universe, the nigga is replaced with a spic (derogatory term for a Hispanic person.), complete with a sombrero on the spic's head.

NARV Status

As of recently, while some NSMB sites have involved editing and the adding of Punch-Out sprites along with remixes, a huge number of sites have been of lazy edits. NARVish sites will often have overused images and unfunny jokes that have already been played to death here.


The fad originated on Something Awful for Photoshop Phriday, March 20, 2003, created by Allanon858. There was a rumor that the quote "Someone stole my bike" came from the game GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The line "Woke up the next morning, niggas done stole my bike" has appeared in the song Hate It or Love It by rapper The Game, featuring 50 Cent.

Duezce's YTMND is not actual the first Nigga Stole My Bike site. The first is iammikeol's Nigga stole my Bike, which uses the exact same Something Awful source image but uses Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz song "Get Low" instead.

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