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New Age Retarded Voters. Lately as of January 2006, YTMND has had a rise in popularity and has attracted a wider range of user base. Without knowing exactly the age of the users, and level of sophistication, NARV's seem to be inexperienced and their influence can be attributed to the rise in votes for relatively novice sites that would have never reached popularity in the hey-day of YTMND's past. This is a result of these voters appealing to the lowest common denominator and upvoting almost everything they see. NARV's seem to have no knowledge of YTMND history or the classics that define the tone of the website at large.

Bottom Feeders

NARV's cluster around sites that lack originality or continues a dead fad that is over or is unappealing to the learned YTMNDer. Most notably are sites that contain:

• Best Day Ever • Stride • Epic Manuever • Cosby • Guybrush • >

note: not all of these fads are undistinguishable. The original submissions of these fads mentioned are worthy, but NARV's blindly upvote any site containing these elements without discernable inference.