Mystery Song

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Mystery Song
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Original YTMND:
Tenacious D, Demon Exterminator  
Worthy spinoffs:

The song "Answers" by Chilean industrial metal band Vigilante became known as The Mystery Song when orion44 created a YTMND offering $20 to anyone who could identify it.

A sample of the song had used to great effect on May 23, 2006, by ps3fool's in Tenacious D, Demon Exterminator. (Ironically, the image in ps3fool's YTMND is from Tenacious D's video for "Tribute," a song that refers to the mysterious and forgotten "greatest and best song in the world".) As the Tenacious D site rose in popularity, the origin of its music became an urgent matter for YTMND users who wanted to hear the full song.

Orion44's $20 bounty feuled the mania for the Mystery Song, which had by then become associated with the awesome forces Tenacious D appears to weild in the "Tribute" video. For two days dozens of YTMNDs were made using the song, either claiming to have identified it or utilizing its epic feel.

The Mystery Song was finally on May 25 by PocoLoco, who provided the artist, title, album cover, and a full mp3 of the song in this YTMND. True to his word, orion44 paid $20 ($19.12 after PayPal fees) to sponsor one of PoloLoco's other YTMNDs, Religion & Politics.

The fad died down following PoloLoco's revelation and can be considered a dead fad, although "Answers" continues to be referred to as "The Mystery Song" despite its identification. Attempts to create similar fads to identify other "mystery songs" have met with far less attention or success.

"Answers" was included as a track on YTMND - The Soundtrack Volume 11

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