Mr. Krabs

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Mr. Krabs
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Original YTMND:
October 8, 2008
by maddog125
Worthy Spinoffs:

Mr. Krabs is a somewhat confusing fad involving Mr. Krabs, a major character from SpongeBob SquarePants. Usually, spinoffs just have Mr. Krab's head Photoshopped onto other things, although some may include Plankton (Mr. Krabs's business rival) and Melody (from "My Life as a Teenage Robot"). The sound in the fad typically used is from a YouTube video in which a kid holding a Mr. Krabs figurine screams "Oh yeah, I'm Mr. Krabs! AAAAAAAEEEEEEHHHHHHH!!!". The photoshop fad started originally when a group of trolls, one of the users named pilleater, stated a compliment against infamous ytmnd troll ASSCOCKredux when he FAV'd the original Mr. Krabs site saying "best site ever. PUT IT IN THE HOF!!!". This quickly drew some anger because ASSCOCKredux downvotes more than ten sites a day. With that, Mr. Krabs sites were published all day and the next somewhere on April 2009 by about 3-4 troll users hopeing ASSCOCKredux would do the same. But as the troll he is, he would downvote them all. Although not as successful as the troll fad it would be, it had some competition with such sites as Moon Man (which at that time was still doing popular before max called it off) and Tony Danza's "Like a heavy metal punk band". Some users did support the fads universe, such like troll user JohnnyLurg, who would add moar Mudkipz and Plankton, and again pilleater who would introduce Melody Locust. A troll user named therealdrewpickles introduced a sound interruption to Mr.Krabs, popping up out of nowhere and playing an unknown trance song. pilleater also had PTKFGS site on Mr. Krabs as Melody Locust, which would play interrupt music of KMFDM's bait & switch. The sites original purpose was to be pro-troll sites, but can also serve purposes as anti-Moon Man sites or YTMNDs against YTMNDs. The fad is still downvoted due to the fact that fad sites require little effort to make.