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{{iboriginal|methsomesideeffectsmayoccur|I did meth and all I got was this lousy haircut (educational)}}
{{ibdate|February 2006|February 21, 2006}}
|title1=I did meth and all I got was this lousy empire (educational)
|title2=Macaulay Culkin did meth and all he got was OH MY GOD!
|title3=FF7 did meth and all they got was FUGLY (educational?)
|title4=President Yushchenko did meth and all he got was dioxin poisoning
|title5=Jesus - Faces of Meth
{{ibt|Used Music}}
{{ibm| Tomcraft|[http://ytmnsfw.com/assets/a08fb698e1df2e0e3c213c6ed4da9087 Overdose (Lady Radio Version)]}}
The meth fad began in February 2006 when the user dannico created the site "I did meth and all I got was this lousy empire (educational)".  As the site stated, it was meant to be used for educational purposes.  The images were taken from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America page showing how taking meth affects people's appearance after a few months.
== GAY ==
This shit is GAY!!!
The common format of these sites is to have 2 pictures.  On the left would be the original picture and on the right would be the aftermath of taking meth.  The page also had a watermark from a county police as the pictures were originally taken there.
A problem with the fad is that it was overused for certain people, mainly Darth Vader and Star Wars.
The song accompanying these sites is "Overdose" by Tomcraft.  It was included on Volume 10 of the [[YTMND Soundtrack]].  The user Dasyati later made a remix based of the Overdose song with the lyrics replaced by ytmnd fads and actions.  This remix finished in 2nd place in the YTMND Remix Project and was included on Volume 12 of the YTMND soundtrack.

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This shit is GAY!!!