Lol, internet

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lol, internet
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Original YTMND:
Worthy spinoffs:

lol, internet or Steam Steam is a fad where people in fast moving vehicles laugh at certain objects or topics. A typical "lol, internet" YTMND would have a person in front of a rapidly animated and/or blurred background, with a speech bubble of the person saying "lol, {insert word here}". The song which identifies YTMNDs to this fad is Max Coveri's "Running in the Nineties".

The original YTMND which inspired the fad was created by Dunkinbean on March 7, 2005. It shows a hysterical Ronald McDonald in a blue car pointing diagonal upward, saying "lol, internet".

The PTKFGS version is called "omg, internet" and has Colonel Sanders riding in a golf cart, set to Golden Age by Max Coveri [2]

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