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[[Category: Fads]]
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[[Category:Video Games]]
'''It's really too bad that the infamous catchphrase is actually "At least I ain't chicken", but w/e''' --[[user:nutnics|nutnics]]

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Leeroy Jenkins
Preview image
Original YTMND:
by Hammersong
May 11, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:

The Leeroy Jenkins fad on YTMND is based on the broader internet meme about a video clip where Leeroy ruins his guild's carefully-planned attack in World of Warcraft by rushing headlong into battle shouting his name.

In Leeroy's first appearance on YTMND, Hammersong used a remix of Snap's "The Power" featuring Leeroy's catchphrases "LEEROOOOOOOY JEEENKIIIIIINSSS!!!" and "...At least I have chicken." The image for the YTMND was a promotional poster of Martin Lawrence in medieval armor from the movie Black Knight, with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken photoshopped in. Lawrence has since become the de facto visual representation of Jenkins on YTMND, which (along with his love of chicken) has creatied the misconception among YTMND users that the real Leeroy is black.

A typical Leeroy Jenkins YTMND simply uses him saying his name to interrupt a scene. A variant of the fad juxtaposes him with other people with similar names, such as "Officer Leroy" from United States of Whatever, the free jazz violinist Leroy Jenkins, and the evangelist Leroy Jenkins. Other Leeroy sites may have the original dialogue set to remixes.

On November 16, 2005 on an episode of Jeopardy!, one of the answers mentioned Leeroy Jenkins. The next day, the top 15 was filled up with various Alex Trebek/Leeroy Jenkins sites with the most popular using the music used in the first Leeroy Jenkins site.


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