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|title5=Lando busts out some flares
|title5=Lando busts out some flares
|spinoff6 lollando
{{ibt|Used Music}}
{{ibt|Used Music}}

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Lando Calrissian
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Original YTMND:
by ghcghcghc
November 5th, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

Lando Calrissian is a relatively new fad based on the Star Wars character of the same name, played by Billy Dee Williams. Most sites involve the same publicity shot of Williams as Calrissian, accompanied by the former theme of ESPN's "National Hockey Night" program.

Among the first sites to use Lando and the theme was iagreetotheytmndtermsofservice by ghcghcghc. Since then, sites have come mainly in two categories: trick sites, such as "DUMBLEDOOR IS GAY!" and this site, and interruption sites that have Lando appearing when he would not be expected to, such as this and this.

"DUMBLEDOOR IS GAY!" inspired a PTKFGS version (DUMBLEDORE IS A STUD), a YESYES (Hermione is a slut) and even two fourth corner sites, a HEH version (DOBBY IS STUPID) and YHTMOAG ([1]).

Other Lando sites do exist, such as this one, which have Lando appear as the main motif of the site, rather than unexpectedly as in the trick and interruption varieties.


Many Lando sites deservedly earn themselves NSFW ratings. This is because Lando is both Not Safe From Wookiees and Not Safe For White-People. These NSFW ratings, contrary to popular belief, have nothing to do with the fact many sites sneak in a shot of Lando's impressive manhood in the last frame of the site.

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