Lamb Chop

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Lamb Chop
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Original YTMND:
lambchop is goin CRAZY
by skatevans99
February 10, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

Lamb Chop is an old PBS children television show that aired in the ninties. It focused on the adventures of a lamb puppet named Lamb Chop along with her companion Shari Lewis.

The fad started on February 10, 2006. The YTMND showed Lamb Chop moving her arms and legs around, accompanied by the song "Soul on Fire" by HIM. The site did make the Top 15 and quickly spawned a flurry of sites during the next few days. Most sites tried to put Lamb Chop into the Chunk is Indestructible fad. Other fad sites placed Lamb Chop in different situations (e.g. on the Empire State Building as King Kong, murdering a man from Sin City in front of kids, etc...)

Despite the good amount of Lamb Chop sites, she never really picked up as a major fad, possibly due to the popularity of the Indestructible fad.

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