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Know Your Meme is a website devoted to compiling a list of internet memes. Since they consider fads memes as well, several notable fads have gotten onto the site. They even have a page dedicated to them!

Fads with a Know Your Meme entry

Addresses Congress link
Alternate Universes link
Asiacopter link
Bah link
Barrel Roll link
Blue Ball Machine link
Break my Stride link
Can't stop the rock link
Chadwardenn link
Chuck Norris link
Chunk is indestructible link
Epic Maneuver link
Face Melter link
Future Conan link
I believe you have my stapler link
It's a Trap! link
Khan link
Lex Luthor link
Loituma link
Lol, internet link
Moon Man (deadpool) link
Mr. Krabs link
Myspace Suicide link
NEDM link
Ninja works it link
Nooo! link
P1ZZ4 Guy link
PSP link
Rickroll link
Rejected Megaman Villain link
Ridin' Spinnaz link
Secret Nazi link
Therapy link
Wonderful Time link
You forgot Poland link
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) link
Zinedine Zidane link

External Links

Main Page