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{{iboriginal|smartkirby|Kirby explains Quantum Physics}}
{{ibdate|September 2005|September 27, 2005}}
|title1=Kirby Explains the Afterlife
|title2=('''NSFW''') Kirby explains the facts of life
|title3=Kirby explains Japanese history!
|title4=Kirby explains Tomahawk missle technology
|title5=Kirby explains the Internet
''Kirby explains...'' is a fad featuring a clip from [[w:Kirby: Right Back at Ya!|Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]], which shows [[w:Nintendo|Nintendo's]] character [[w:Kirby (Nintendo)|Kirby]] pointing to items on a chalkboard while speaking. This video clip is often edited to show the topic at hand, and the audio always consists of someone explaining something or telling a story. The original, created by {{ytmnduser|ninkendo}}, featured the unedited clip tiled across the screen, set to the [[ualuealuealeuale|ualuealuealeuale fad]] sound. This was followed by {{ytmnduser|Bardai}}'s site, {{ytmnd|kirbysexed|Kirby explains the facts of life}}, which featured the same clip tiled, but instead used a sound clip from [[w:Kindergarten Cop|Kindergarten Cop]] in which a little boy states to the class that "boys have a penis, girls have a vagina."
== GAY ==
This shit is GAY!!!
==NARV Status==
This fad can be abused, since all the fad needs is the animated gif, and any sound clip of somebody talking.
[[Category:NARVish Fads]]

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This shit is GAY!!!