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When a site either strongly violates YTMND's Terms of Use or is an extremely horrible site, it may be killed by a moderator. As opposed to deleting a site, killing the site only locks it from public view, replacing it with the following message:

This YTMND has been Killed! A YTMND Moderator has killed this site for some reason. It isn't deleted, you just aren't allowed to see it. This is usually done when there is an issue with the site either for breaking YTMND rules, legal reasons or sometimes if the sites just plain suck. If this is your site and/or you feel this this has been done in error, please feel free to email with the site domain in the subject.

There has been noted controversy over a large number of YTMND pages depicing pornographic images which have not yet been killed. It is not sure whether the vast amount of these YTMNDs have caused an inability to go around killing them all, or some other reason.


While it is impossible to view a site that has been killed, it is still possible to access it's profile and assets by clicking the "?" next to it's title.