Kids go crazy for...

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Kids go crazy for...
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Original YTMND:
Kids go crazy for YTMND  
by phatjoe 
December 29, 2005  
Worthy spinoffs:
Used Music:
This page is about the fad that uses the video of Hard n' Phirm's 'Pi'. If you were looking for the fad that uses the audio, see Pi.

"Kids go crazy for..." is a fad in which a multi-ethnic group of kids from the fictional children's TV show Zap, a parody of Zoom, turn around excitedly to see something. The images come from part of the music video for "Pi" by Hard 'n Phirm, directed by Keith Schofield, in which Javier, Jessica, Steve, Susan, Edgar, and Diego turn around excitedly to see the Pi robot.

The original site, Kids Go Crazy For YTMND!, replaced the robot with the YTMND logo and had L.A. Style's "James Brown Is Dead" as the music. The original site became a moderator's favorite. The fad was rather slow to take off, only becoming popular after a few months. Spinoffs usually have the kids "going crazy" for other things, though some are parodies of similar scenes from places such as Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and "Pirates of the Caribbean".

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The original Hard n' Firm video

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