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Joshcube most recently returned  February 24 as Joshcube0 this time making many sites using the 3500hz sound and no image. He was deleted in under a day.
Joshcube most recently returned  February 24 as Joshcube0 this time making many sites using the 3500hz sound and no image. He was deleted in under a day.
[[Category:Banned YTMNDers]]
[[Category:Banned YTMNDers]]
he returned March 3 later as JoshCube1985 thus proving he really needs to get laid, however rumor has it Marin dumped him in favor of Epona

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March 1st, 2004
Avg. site rating: *
Avg. vote rate: *****
...as of March 1, 2004
Notable Sites:
JoshCube is a controversial YTMND troll who gained attention in the community with his belief that video game characters are real (to the point where he was attracted to Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening).

History on YTMND

In late 2005, JoshCube has over 200 of his sites deleted after YTMND members sent in multiple complaints at just how horrible they were. Around 4 months later JoshCube attempted to create a fad called DYTMND (an abbreviation of "Dear, YTMND" or "Dumb(ass) YTMND") as a response to downvoters or anger towards the site.

JoshCube went on to approach Max about his sites being deleted, at which point he was given two choices: Leave and never come back or make one site that that receives a **** or higher for 24 hours at risk of all of your sites being deleted. He chose the latter and kept a **** rating for roughly two hours before his ratings took a nose dive. 48 hours later Max deleted all of JoshCube's sites.

Roughly a month later JoshCube had spent the time to register over 25 YTMND accounts in an attempt to flood the front page with "I HATE YTMND" sites. At this point Max deleted all YTMNDs on the site with any mention of JoshCube (the majority of which were making fun of JoshCube) and proceeded to delete all of JoshCube's accounts. Interestingly enough JoshCube owned an alt account that posted nothing but "Anti-JoshCube" YTMNDs, which openly mocked him and posted bits of his fan-fiction and poetry. This further cemented his being a complete troll. Due to his actions, the entire community college he attended in Arizona was IP banned from YTMND. It is assumed he has since gone home for summer break and is continuing to make accounts.

There is speculation among YTMND Ventrilo regulars that JoshCube's behavior is an elaborate satire. Users occasionally refer to him as a "secret genius" in reference to this.

Response to being banned

On June 26, 2006 JoshCube made a post on his forums[1] which said the following:

You guys remember that JoshCube Fad that was going on over there? Well, here was my plan to stop them.
I was going to start my own fad, and just make my own sites. By doing this, I'd figure that I would win the war by fighting back, and then calling the CTU.
I started my own fad, then more JoshCube sites came up. After that, they started posting my Phone Number on YTMNDs and then started calling my house.
I called the CTU (Cyber Terrorism Unit) in New York and reported YTMND after I attacked them. Max got warned by my e-mail and then started deleting JoshCube sites.
I bombed them with more pointless YTMNDs and Max got fed up and deleted all the JoshCube sites.
YTMND has now officially had their asses handed to them.
How the fad started:
+ People on YTMND reading stuff in here.
+ People using Google and reading messages I made on the internet.

The key points of this information however, are false. To this day Max has never received any contact from the Cyber Terrorism Unit (from New York or otherwise), although he did delete sites with JoshCube's phone number as it is against the Terms of Service to post such information in a YTMND. JoshCube's actions never cause any YTMND service interruptions beyond filling the "Recently Created" content box on the front page for roughly 10 minutes.Many of the users on the forum questioned his reasoning for posting this and shrugged it off as him "tooting his own horn", while others praised him.

He continues to try and troll both the site and the forums, only to be deleted in a short amount of time.

Another (albeit indirect) JoshCube sighting occurred during YTMND's controversy with Sega in early 2007. JoshCube made similar false claims to the ones above, this time on the official Sega forums, and attempted to get the Sega forumers to "kick (YTMND's) ass just like I did." His post was publicized in the YTMND Lol, Sega Forums. So far, no (relevant) action has been taken by either side.


The community has asked JoshCube several questions about his romance life involving Marin. JoshCube responded saying he was not in love with the character "Marin", but believed she existed as a real person or someone similar, and was in love with the ideal soul-mate. JoshCube also stated that Marin appeared to him in a dream when he was in his childhood years and told him she was real. Ever since, he has been searching for her. In late 2005, he mentioned that he found some articles saying that Marin was based off of a woman that died in a fire approximately 60 years ago, and said that Marin could of been a metaphor that was just telling his heart on what to look for, and not being an actual person.

In mid 2006, JoshCube said the reason why he was in love with Marin was because, in his eyes, she was "the perfect woman". He now hopes to find someone similar to Marin.

Other information

JoshCube owns and maintains the site http://www.smashbrothersonline.com/

More recent

Joshcube spammed YTMND on July 4th 2006 with YTMNDs titled "Owned". All of which had a picture of a cat, Coca Cola, Lay's Chips, Pooh Bear, a car, and a seal. All of which were downvoted, and many YTMNDs have been made about this, for example "lol, owned". Some YTMNDers call it "the failed owning of the 4th of July ". Again members tried to spam JoshCube on IM. example: JoshCube owned 100 times And also on email in Wanted: pwners to help me. The last 2 where made by the member Bumperboy In mid-November, a large number of accounts were created with names in the format Joshcube*, where '*' is a number. These accounts spammed YTMNDs with an image of Will Smith dancing on a collapsing World Trade Center building and contain the text "You got bel air'd".

The re-deletion of JoshCube

To kick off the New Year, JoshCube (known as JoshCube007) made 75 alt accounts to upvote his own sites and downvote other YTMND users' sites. This greatly annoyed users, and JoshCube and all of his alts were deleted and banned on January 6, 2007. However, Joshcube has returned as (Joshcube009) with his 75 votehack accounts to wreak more havoc. To really annoy people, JoshCube announced that there is going to be a return of his DYTMND fad, which consists of just plain spam. He also made up YTMND Cards, which consists of images of something pasted onto a Yu-Gi-Oh! card with a Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker. On February 18, 2007 Joshcube was banned again and all his accounts were deleted.

The re-re-deletion of JoshCube

Joshcube most recently returned February 24 as Joshcube0 this time making many sites using the 3500hz sound and no image. He was deleted in under a day.

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