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'''Interpretation''' refers to a series of YTMND sites that make use of ad-libbing the lyrics of theme songs of popular animated series when taken from other countries, without an attempt or a source for, translation. The sites were first made popular by the Finnish DuckTales theme song, which, untranslated, refers to morphine making the holy known, the taco nazi, and counting on Lassie. They have expanded to include translations from other language versions of DuckTales, other series, as well as general non-english songs such as [[Heute Ist Mein Tag]].
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An Interpretation fad is similar to a [[Dew]]! fad, but differs by having a much longer sound clip. Instead of having an image which relates to the topic of the YTMND, the full interpreted lyric is written on the background image, with the topic of the YTMND saying "WTF?".

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