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Initial D is a racing anime from Japan. The soundtrack to the anime has been popular on YTMND, with 3 songs appearing on the YTMND Soundtrack. The artist Maurizio De Jorio (best known under the pseudonyms of Max Coveri and Marko Polo) is a Eurobeat muscian and produced all three tracks.

Songs used in fads

The following three songs have appeared in the YTMND Soundtrack compiled by fyrestorm.

"Running in the 90's"

The best known of De Jorios work, Running in the 90's is the music used primarily for the lol internet fad.

"Speedy Speed Boy"

The 2005 butt racing fad used Speedy Speed Boy and was produced under De Jorios Marko Polo pseudonym.

"Golden Age"

Golden Age was used in the PTKFGS spin-off of the lol internet fad and was originally featured in YTMND alternate universe (PTKFGS) which spawned the ineviatble follow up omg, internet. In retrospect this is quite ironic since De Jorio had produced both tracks for the PTKFGS and YTMND versions.

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