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{{iboriginal|notmranderson|DON'T Call Him Mr. Anderson!!}}
{{ibdate|April 2006|April 14, 2006}}
|title1=(Batman) What Are You?!
|title2=The Emperor's Ultimate Weapon!
|title3=New Ford Truck Model (2008)
|title4=Sink Into The Swamp
|title5=Remove your helmet and tell me your name
Horsedick is a strange interruption fad created by lizardman.  The phrase originated from a joke site where a line from The Matrix by Neo was altered so that he randomly uttered "horse dick" in a strange voice.  It was a semi-forced fad by lizardman who made 3 more sites before trap sites began to flock.  The horsedick fad is often difficult to find, and can show up at any time.
== GAY ==
This shit is GAY!!!

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This shit is GAY!!!