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Original YTMND:
Can't break the eyeballs' stride!
by stratos-the-bratos
March 24, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

The Hobo-Cruise fad spawned from the popular Break My Stride fad. The first site was called "Can't break the eyeballs' stride!" (formerly known as "Can't break Hobo-Cruise's stride".). It was a clip from the movie Minority Report where Tom Cruise was pursuing a pair of eyeballs he once had across a narrow corridor.

But it wasn't until the next site created by stratos-the-bratos, Hobo-Cruise vs. Mario & Toad, that started the fad. In this site, the eyeballs were replaced with Mario and Toad racing kart sprites from Super Mario Kart, set to "Mario Circuit Final Lap". Sites that followed would have the eyeballs replaced with various things, and in rare occurances, Tom's face would be photoshopped by another face.

Some sites would have the image of Tom Cruise's character walking in a different scenery either grabbing an item off the floor or running across another path.

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