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Hey dude
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Original YTMND:
Hey bro  
by Zootroy 
August 18, 2005  
Worthy spinoffs:
Used Music:

The "Hey Dude" fad started from a moderator's favorite called "Hey bro", a site that featured President George W. Bush waggling his eyebrows at British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The waggles were synced to an excerpt from the song "Soccer Practice" by Johnny McGovern:

Hey Dude, I was thinking if we could do....something....dirty, yeah.

Though this song had previously been used in the sites naked chicks and Joker + Lex Luthor, "Hey bro" was the first notable usage of the song.

The fad took off months after the original site, and was initiated from a now deleted "Hey Harry" site, showing actress Emma Watson winking at Daniel Radcliff of "Harry Potter fame". Eventually, similar sites were spawned. The majority of the sites involve a male waggling his eyebrows at another male.

The song itself has been used in over 100 sites on ytmnd, though some of them may not be used in a fad. "Soccer Practice" was included in Volume 9 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

Sometimes this song is used in Santabot YTMNDs. Many users use this song to make Santabot or Fagman sites.

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