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:''"God helps those who help themselves"
Need help with something?
== Wiki help ==
These pages are here go help with the basics of editing a wiki site like this one.
* [[Help:Starting a new page|Starting a new page]]
* [[Help:Formatting|Formatting articles]]
* [[Help:Reverting|Reverting an article]]
* [[Help:Preferences|Preferences page]]
* [[YTMND:Templates|YTMND Wiki Templates]]: Includes ratings templates, Fad, Site and User Infoboxes, as well as many other useful tidbits of information for working on this wiki.
* [[YTMND:Style guide|Style Guide]] - Some style "rules" for the articles to keep them organized.
==YTMND help==
These pages will help you use the features at the Main YTMND site.
* <span class="plainlinks">[http://www.ytmnd.com/info/about About YTMND]</span> - About YTMND.
*[[Basics of Creating YTMNDs]] - A runthrough of the [[YTMND-O-MATIC]].
*[[Saving Sound files from YTMNDs]] - Step by step guides to saving sounds from YTMNDs for all browsers.
==YTMND creation guides==
These are FAQs and guides which are intended to improve your YTMND creating skills:
*[[Help:Guide to making sites that don't suck|Guide to making sites that don't suck]] - Wiki version of Max's original guide.
*[[Advanced_YTMND_Theory]]-Understanding what elements are key to making an above average site
*[[Watermarking]]-When and why you should
== Where to ask Questions ==
* [http://forums.ytmnd.com/forumdisplay.php?f=14 Support Forums (Must have Forum Account)] - For YTMND site help (Non-wiki)
* [[Help talk:Contents|Wiki Help Talk]] - Also on any discussion page like the Main Page.
* You can also ask [[YTMND:Administrators|an admin]].
== Miscellaneous ==
* [[YTMND:Policy]]
* [[YTMND:Terms of Use]]

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