He-Man sees

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He-Man sees
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Original YTMND:
Use Your Imagination  
Worthy spinoffs:

The He-Man sees fad was started on July 5, 2006 when shlammy (shlammy's user page) created a YTMND entitled 'Use Your Imagination.' The site consisted of a drawing of He-Man and Teela looking into (blank) space with the caption, "Draw what do you think Teela and He-Man see." The sound accompaniment was a loop from the musical soundtrack of the 1980s animated TV-series, 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.'

What did He-Man and Teela really see?

Shortly after its creation, several spin-offs were uploaded offering their suggestions as to what Teela and He-Man really see. Most "He-Man Sees" fads incorporate elements from other YTMND fads such as Medieval, Captain Picard, Sean Connery, Milton's stapler, Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, and the NEDM cat. Others have them witness historical events such as the Battle of Hastings or Hitler's visit to Paris. One very original YTMND has He-Man and Teela see the Up-and-Coming section of the YTMND front page, which at the time of its creation listed nothing but He-Man sees YTMNDs. Another has them see one of JoshCube's "Owned" YTMNDs, while one has them see a gay looking David Hasselhoff. A couple of YTMNDs have them in situations where they can't see anything. Teela and He-man can't see shit depicts Teela and Heman without heads, while What He-Man and Teela Can't See shows them looking at the Banned YTMND. A more popular YTMND of the He-man fad, He-man and Teela see that A-Ha dude! showed an animated hand drawing in elements from the A-Ha fad, followed by Teela's breasts being redrawn larger, and ending with the text "SCORE!!!1" shown in a speech bubble above He-Man.