Harry Potter and the ...

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Harry Potter and the ...
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Original YTMND:
An important announcement at Hogwarts!  
Worthy spinoffs:

Harry Potter and the ...

The "Harry Potter and the ..." fad originally dates back to October 8, 2007 when YTMND user bettabomb posted a site containing an animated GIF of Harry, Ron, and Hermione looking up at the loud speakers in Hogwarts from the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Accompanying it was an audio from South Park of a man spewing out profanity due to his Tourettes syndrome. In the movie, the three students are actually listening to Professor Dolores Umbridge explaining some of her new rules at Hogwarts. A few spinoffs were made in 2007, but not a whole lot.

On Halloween Night of 2009, prairiedogeric10 brought the idea back by posting this site. The site had originated in 2007, but was deleted, so prairiedogeric10 recreated the echoing audio and used bettabomb's GIF. The original site was edited so Ron had a corny smile on his face as the GIF ended.

amindlessidiot then posted this site and it quickly became a fad. Some people don't want to recognize it as a fad, so apparently that means Moon Man and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aren't fads either, but no one is complaining on those Wiki pages (because they've at least been around long enough and in big enough numbers to be recognised, despite being utter shit).