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December 5th, 2006
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...as of February 21, 2007
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HarrisonGantz is a YTMND troll who joined the site on December 5th, 2006. He had a brief period of fame in late 2006 and early 2007, following the creation of two exposé style ytmnds about him by another user.

What did he do?

Trying to seek attention he would downvote sites and leave brash comments about how ytmnd users were nerds and how he was so much better at life than anyone on the site. Originally, his comments included a link to his myspace profile, but later comments included links to youtube videos he had made to refute ScooterPuff’s ytmnds.

Typical Comment

Congrats... you have made the absolute worst YTMND EVER!!! Now I have been looking at this site for a couple of months and you my friend have made a gem!!!! SIR no. 1 in my top 10 worst ytmnd's EVER!!!! WOW!!! Just Give it UP!!! MY GOAL=TO RID THIS WEBSITE OF F*CKING. STUPID. IDIOT. NERDS. (F.SIN) AKA YOU!!!P.S. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugZKhg4i0wM&eurl= Hate Mail Welcome!!!

The feud

Just two days after Harrison joined ytmnd, another user, ScooterPuff, uploaded “The Actual Truth About Harrison Gantz.” Harrison responded by making a youtube video, which compared his life to ytmnd “nerds,” and began pasting a link to it in his comments. He then made a second video, which claimed that ScooterPuff was actually a pedophile named Matt McManis. ScooterPuff has denied this claim, but has offered no proof. ScooterPuff then posted “The Un-Funny Truth about HarrisonGantz,” as a response to Harrisons first video. The ytmnd suggested that users could get Gantz (who had been working as a PA on a Warner Bros. film) fired by contacting Warner Bros.’ legal department and informing them that Harrison’s first video contained “unauthorized” images of movie props. The attempt turned out to be pointless, because Gantz revealed that he was never directly employed by Warner Bros, and had not been working as a PA for two months. However, his video was removed for copyright violation.


After Harrison’s video was removed, he posted “Harrison Gantz gets an Idea!” The ytmnd said that he was starting a campaign to get all copyrighted material removed from ytmnd in retaliation. Three days later, he posted another ytmnd claiming that he was “an intellectual of sorts, and an entrepreneur,” and that his trolling has actually been a failed marketing experiment. He also announced that he as retiring from ytmnd. In comments of his last ytmnd, he claimed he had moved to Santa Monica and was working for “major local oil distributor.” In fact he had moved in with his parents in Wheeling, WV, and was working for Seidler Oil Service. He now lives in LA. Sometime before May of 2008, Harrison's account was deleted, and all his YTMNDs along with it.