Gravity cat

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Gravity cat
Preview image
Original YTMND:
Gravity Cat Not Amused v1.0
by mbrmbr
August 21, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

Gravity Cat is most likely an attempt at mimicking the success of the NEDM fad. The original site was made in mid-August 2006. It had an image, with its source simply credited as "GCNA", of a cat holding onto a chair in the air while a bowl of cat food falls. The cat appeared to be defying the pull of gravity going up. The soundclip has the text "Gravity Cat is Not Amused" read by a computer program, followed by a excerpt from the song "Miracle" by Cascada. Later sites often involve animated gifs featuring the original cat in the picture, or other cats defying gravity. Two of the fads biggest contributing fans are dsprox with a total of 15 sites and Trenchgun with a total of 9 sites.

The fad received mixed reactions from YTMNDers. Some of the most common criticism involves the site being an "NEDM wannabe", or not being a "ptkfgs" site. Others say that it is a decent attempt at a fad, as its music quickly became popular and has been used on more than 70 sites. "Miracle" is on Volume 13 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

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