Glossary of YTMND slang terms

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If you find something and don't have a clue what it means...

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Also Cocks
A phrase derived from the infamous Ridin' Spinnaz YTMND. Used in a non-sequitur way to end a statement.
A contraction of "Am I right?" Commonly used after distasteful jokes. An example would be if somebody was talking about Courteney Cox, followed by another person stating, "Courtney Cox, more like Caught-any Cocks, amirite?" or "Halo, more like GAYlo, amirite?! AMIRITE?!"


Abbreviation, be right back, [the] FBI [is at my door]. Commonly used when pedophilia or other illegal activity appears in conversation. The term was born as frequent threats of police and FBI intervention occurred during a string of forum raids in the summer of 2005. Sites in this meme generally make use of Moby's rendition of the theme song to Mission: Impossible.


Acronym (pronounced e-a-bod) for eat a bowl of dick. A moderately offensive phrase, usually used in response to an equally offensive insult.


Acronym, For the Win!; Praising the choice of a particular image/concept/sound and rewarding it with a high rating. The opposite is FTL, which stands For the Loss or For the Lose.


Acronym, get the fuck out. Veteran forum members often use this phrase to quickly dismiss a new user upon the latter's first post.


Saying the abbrivation LOL as if it's an actual word. Made popular on YTMND by Boomaga's reading of Neal Bauman's cease-and-desist letter to Max.
Things you make when you really want attention. I mean, really, really want attention. Inspired by the movie Anchorman.


A term for pictures that have allegedly been altered with Adobe Photoshop or another image manipulation tool.


Often written in large capital letters and bold red font, occasionally with several extra A's and unneccessary punctuation (e.g., RAAAAAAAAAAGED!!), RAGED describes a person who has lost their cool in a conversation on the internet. The forum or IRC user who succeeds in angering or "raging" another while consistently maintaining their own composure is usually seen as the dominant party in the conversation. The origin of this is probably from Final Fantasy VIII, in which one of Seifer's 2 goons says very little throughout the game. She is most remembered by saying "RAGED" and kicking another character in the shin.