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Original YTMND:
GAYTMND: George Costanza
by MasterSitsu
June 19, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

GAYTMND (pronounced Gay-tee-em-en-dee) is a selection of YTMNDs specifically geared towards homosexuals. One could easily argue that 'GAYTMND' has existed for a long time without a watermark on YTMND. "Gay Fuel", "Hey Bro" and thousands of other sites have explicitly or subtly intended to be 'gay'.

GAYTMND logo style

It has been rumored to be an alternate universe as some have made "alternate universe" style pages. However, its watermark (a pink star logo over a darker shade of pink background) is located in the same position of the YTMND logo; the top left corner, and was never at any time during its original creation intended to be a springboard to make variations of existing fads. The original GAYTMND was created by MasterSitsu's "George Costanza". The clip of Jason Alexander is taken from a very 'gay' 90's film Love! Valour! Compassion! - the adding of a watermark was a joke added after the first posting of the site, feeling a pink triangle in the corner for such a site would not only bring a little extra humor, but would be entirely appropriate.

Types of GAYTMND Sites

There are several different variations of the GAYTMND fad:

  • The most common song in the fad is Sin With Sebastian's "Shut Up (and Sleep With Me)". This song will be used for most normal GAYTMND sites.
  • Royalty of Gay YTMNDs are also popular in GAYTMND. These YTMNDs include a (sometimes modifed) picture of a person, flipped back and forth to the beat of the introduction of Spice Girl's "Who Do You Think You Are". The song is also modified to include the words "You are a fag, (YTMND subject), you are a fag" (example: MichaelWolfson, King of Gay).
  • Another popular set is "GAYTMND Presents: A Faggy Short Film" which are overly lengthly synced sites with bleeped words from movies to change its context, punctuated at the end by a noise from Reading Rainbow and a recorded laugh from a Ventrilo user, accompanied by a GAYTMND CareBear bluntly declaring the YTMND over (example: A BAD Idea - A F*ggy Short Film).
GAYTMND watermark


Both "Shut Up" (Sin with Sebastian) and "Who Do You Think You Are" (Spice Girls) are available on the YTMND Soundtrack ("Shut Up" is on Volume 12 and "Who Do You Think You Are" is on Volume 13).

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