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{{YTMNDer Infobox|http://ytmnd.com/users/fourest
|join date=December 6, 2005
|Date of death=February 2008
|site average=****
|vote average=*****
|Caption1=Who Burnt Nick's Toast?
|Caption2=You Lose, Mr. Rooney!
|Caption3=Love In These Cuffs
|Caption4=The Business Continues
|Caption5=Manson Gets On Mr. White's Nerves
Fourest is one of YTMND's most prominent yet controversial users.
== YTMND Career ==
Fourest joined YTMND back in 2005. He eventually started making a lot of sites that got into the top 5. He then made a bunch of alts, but was found out and the alts were deleted. Later, someone hacked into his profile and deleted all his sites. They got better, though.
== Style ==
Fourest tend to make [[Faggy Short Film|faggy short films]], though he's also made {{y|donttouchthat|a couple}} {{y|cuffs|loops}}. Fourest's style of YTMND was satirized in the YTMND {{y|defourestation|FOURESTMND: Fourest makes a site}}.
{{stub}}[[Category:Notable YTMNDers]]

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