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Original YTMND:
Flying Lobsters  
Worthy spinoffs:


The idea of "Flying Lobsters" was first thought up by alextide32 in the YTMND Vent. The first flying lobsters site was made shortly after on March 14, 2006 before Jewson deleted it. This spawned alextide32 to make more flying lobsters sites shortly after such as Flying Lobster above the city and Flying Lobsters on a plane. The sites combine a lobster flying and a strange creaking noise. Only alextide32 and a few others know what the real noise is for the mysterious flying lobster noise. One day TjenTang sponsored Flying Lobster above the city and the site made the top 15! The site quickly hit 10,000 views. Then the site became popular and a few other flying lobster sites were made. Flying Lobsters then became a mini fad.

Sometime in August 2006, alextide32 decided he wanted to buy a domain name. He thought that would be a good domain in light of his sites on ytmnd, so he bought it and shortly after he got a few webmasters to help him work on the site. His webmasters now are xXWaspXx, Scottendo and Michie.

Temporary Downtime of

The hosting was originally coming from Tony Vanity Supreme to give the capabilities of a forum and database back end. As a joke, Alex flooded one of Tool's websites and was repeatedly warned before the front page of was replaced with a satirical carbon copy of the 4chan downtime page for April Fool's Day. The website was backed up but alextide32 concluded Tool was a jerk and/or messed up on drugs and tried to get the last laugh by uploading a Chan Image board to flood his own share of the hard drive. The hosting was immediately removed afterwards. The doors were open to have the account restored, but was rejected at first.

Two weeks after the incident, Tony Vanity Supreme got clunked on the head with a boulder and a small nudge of his brain caused him to both foam at the mouth and stop being pissed off. Hosting was restored to, and it is currently being revamped.