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The Flash preloader is a feature in YTMND that synchronizes the background sound with an animated background. It was created by Syncan to eliminate the need to refresh a YTMND in order for it to match with the animation. The preloader was announced on March 5, 2006.

Although the feature is convenient, it does not work for those who use the Opera web browser or have flash disabled/not installed. Users are able to toggle this feature on/off from their Options page. Having it disabled loads the background music the same way as a normal YTMND. MP3 is the only sound format the preloader will accept.

Activation and usage

At this time, the preloader will only run on YTMNDs where the creator has enabled "Synchronize" in the YTMND creator. When a user accesses a synced YTMND, a flash animation will appear, showing the YTMND logo. The preloader will first load the MP3 with a progress bar showing the percentage of how much the file has loaded. Next it will blink a loading message for the image. Once both files are loaded, the background image will appear, and the preloader will loop the MP3.