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This is a group of film-related fads.

Spongebob Squarepants

  • When Spongebob Meets - A scene from the Spongebob Squarepants movie where Spongebob and Patrick meet David Hasselhoff. This was one of the old fads from 2004.

...sees so much beauty

A scene from the movie American Beauty where a plastic bag flies across a street corner. The fad involves various people, normally feeling sad and depressed watching the bag fly. Sites are set to the main theme of American Beauty. The original site featured Jack Bauer from 24. Some sites may show Jack Bauer crying at various other things (including an episode of Futurama or a ytmnd loading screen).

"McFly stole..."

An altered scene using 2 movies: "Back to the Future Part 2" and "Time Bandits", depicting the Back to the Future character Marty McFly on his Hoverboard attempting to escape from a giant floating head after stealing something. The original one featured McFly carrying a Butterfinger while running from Future Conan.

"88 Miles Per Hour!"

Back to the Future quote. From the scene in which the character Doc Brown tells Marty in the time-traveling Delorean how many miles he must go to time-travel.

The Line Must Be Drawn Here

A quote from Star Trek: First Contact by Picard, used in "defining rules" and "teaching classes" Art Class, for example. However the original was made by user benjrh which was created to put emphasis on the war between Batman and Picard. Picard's speech about stopping the borg from taking over earth's history was rebranded towards stopping Batman from stealing the top spot as the most viewed YTMND. View The Original Site

The most popular use of this fad is the Art Class site, which was the first spin off to be made, and is the site which generally takes credit for the creation of the fad. It showed Picard instructing an art student on where to draw the line. Another example focused on recent immigration laws in the U.S.

Agent Smith

A clip of Agent Smith running from/to various things from The Matrix: Revolutions. He is either pursuing things like an ice cream truck or running from things.

... will Kill Bill

A fad that usually uses images of people who appear to have murderous intent. Using the song "Ironside" by Quincy Jones (the song was used in the movie Kill Bill whenever The Bride is having a flashback and is prepared to murder somebody.)

The Ultimate Bedside Surprise

A clip from the movie "Prince of Darkness" depicting a man tossing and turning in bed when suddenly seeing a random person sleeping next to him. The fad started with the Burger King.

Batman's Bomb Run

Various edits of the popular scene from the first Batman movie featuring Batman carrying a bomb across a street. This picture has often been used as avatars on various message boards. The image will be altered to show Batman carrying other items (like Gay Fuel, a UMD, a Pokeball, etc...) This fad was a very-slow growing fad.

Spanish inquisition

This is a YTMND based on Monthy Python's skit of the Spanish Inquisition. "Nobody Expects the The Spanish Inquisition!" Monty Python: Michael Palin's cry. Usually other fads/something else then above is in the title, and then the spanish inquisition shows up. Takes no effort tough.


The infamous death scene "The Curb-Stomp scene" from the movie American History X, showing a man stomping another person on his head, often parodized with other persons (for example, The Burger King stomping on the Hamburglar).

There's been an insane amount of parodies of this scene, including a Harry Potter spoiler parody, a Mario parody, a Yoshi parody, a George Bush parody, and a King/Ronald McDonald parody.

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