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This is a group of film-related fads.

"It's a trap!"

Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi: Admiral Ackbar's popular line. Originated on Something Awful in 2002 or 2003 and migrated to and other web communities, such as 4chan. It's a trap can be found here:

"Indiana Jones can't stop the rock"

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana Jones running from a boulder as well as other images of people running with boulders. Usually accompanied by the song "Stop the Rock" by Apollo 440. Sometimes, images of WWE wrestler The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) will be used. 1

In 2005, the creator of the original site Fooliano decided to test out something with the sound. He changed the song from "Stop the Rock" to "Hulkamaniacs in Heaven" by Hulk Hogan and company. Around this time though, max was making some changes to the site, one which would allow sites with the same music so that any sites that used the same sound would use the same file to conserve space. Max turned off uploading just after Fooliano finished uploading his song...resulting in 50 sites that had used the original "Stop the Rock" loop having their song replaced with the Hulkamaniac song. Once max turned uploading back on again, Fooliano decided to change it back to the Stop The Rock track, but none of the sites affected by the glitch had their song changed back. Contrary to rumors, the incident was not the work of hackers.

"Uber Hax!!1"

Dramatic depictions or scenes paired chronologically with semi-related leet|leetspeak, usually as if the scenes occurred on a multiplayer game server. These YTMNDs have dramatic music, most commonly from "Pompeii" by E.S. Posthumus.

"You lose! Good day sir!"

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Gene Wilder. This is sometimes combined with the failing horns from The Price Is Right.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: "You shall not pass!" often accompanied by a picture of a Monopoly board, students taking a final exam, a crossing guard, etc.


Finding Nemo: Seagull call. Usually used when someone wants complete ownership of something. Commonly used to poke fun at websites that did not update their copyright year from 2005 to 2006 immediately after the new year began, especially high-power franchises like Google.

Chunk is indestructible

Various permutations of the Chunk character from The Goonies, usually showing off his supposed invincibility (his truffle shuffle dance). It should be noted that the original site featured Picard shooting a gun at Chunk and that portion of the clip has also been used in fads. Chunk uses his truffle shuffle to deflect the bullets Usually accompanied by the song "Feuer Frei!" by Rammstein. Sometimes "Du Hast" also by Rammstein may be used.

When Spongebob Meets

A scene from the Spongebob Squarepants movie where Spongebob and Patrick meet David Hasselhoff. This was one of the old fads from 2004.

Best Day Ever

Another Spongebob Movie inspired fad. This fad features a brief excerpt from Spongebob's "Best Day Ever" song, featuring images of scenes that could arguably be some of the worst days ever (9/11 attacks, getting run over, etc.)

"The Curb-Stomp scene"

From the movie American History X, showing a man killing another person by stomping on his head, often parodized with other persons (for example, The Burger King stomping on the Hamburglar).

...sees so much beauty

A scene from the movie American Beauty where a plastic bag flies across a street corner. The fad involves various people, normally feeling sad and depressed watching the bag fly. Sites are set to the main theme of American Beauty. The original site featured Jack Bauer from 24.

"McFly stole..."

An altered scene using 2 movies: "Back to the Future Part 2" and "Time Bandits", depicting the Back to the Future character Marty McFly running in a hallway. The original one featured McFly carrying a butterfinger while running from Future Conan.


A scene from the movie Minority Report where Cruise's character is pursuing a pair of eyeballs through a corridor.

Snakes on a Plane

Various parodies involving the upcoming movie as well as a quote from Samuel Jackson. This was based on an on-going internet phenomenon.

It's behind!

A scene from the movie Signs where a television shows a news clip of an alien walking by near a residential area. That person has been photoshopped to show various other people or reactions from others.

The Line Must be drawn here

A quote from Star Trek: First Contact by Picard, used in "defining rules" and "teaching classes", for example, the original showed Picard instructing an art student on where to draw the line. Another example focused on recent immigration laws in the U.S.

"You're joking. You're joking. I can't believe my eyes."

A line from Nightmare Before Christmas as said by Oogie Boogie. The sound loop is usually coupled with an image of 'badly dressed cosplayer's' or low quality products, that often look nothing like what they are meant to be. (Such as men in Sailor Moon costumes)

Agent Smith

From The Matrix Playing the piano usually accompianed by a classic song.

Other versions also have Agent Smith Running after Ice Cream Trucks,People,etc.

_______ will Kill Bill

Is a fad that usually uses images of people who appear to have murderous intent. Using the song "Ironside" by Quincy Jones (the song was used in the movie Kill Bill whenever The Bride is having a flashback and is prepared to murder somebody.)

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