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A site made by Kassius that got redistributed by max to typogra and later returned.

History was originally a noise site made by Kassius. Its original contents can be seen at , thanks to someone catching Google's cache of the site. A member of #WOP named fanfare was in WOP one night and noticed that Max was in the channel. Fanfare expressed distaste for Kassius' site. Max deleted Kassius's site, freeing the domain. Typogra and Jizzrag both attempted to grab the domain, and typogra won, securing the domain. Typogra later replaced the placeholder picture with a picture of Fanfare and a loop of "Champions" by Queen. Many members of #WOP upvoted it, resulting in a momentary high rating, but it slowly drifted downward.


This move enraged Kassius and much of the FPA, and brought an extreme reaction. About 20 or so FPAers downvoted the site. The site went down to 1.99, and typogra blames the FPA even though it received hundreds of votes. Kassius made in complaint, and it got sponsored by Kalishinko and, inexplicably, typogra. FPAers have theorized that she sponsored it using modhax (meaning, no money was actually given to YTMND) so that it would receive downvotes. Fanfare has denied this. Other parody sites were made of the event, including those listed below. At least two FPAers sent PMs to max about it. Kassius accused max of becoming what he hated, a reference to the events surrounding RubilacEx left almost 500 comments in spam on and spammed typogra's inbox with at least 20 PMs. HeatherChandler insulted max to his face in the YTMND news post, accusing him of doing 9/11, a colloquialism of the internets meaning "you Jewed Kassius out of his site."

A deal?

Max left the comment on "Get this above a 4.0 in 72 hours, and I can get your domain back." Within an hour it rose to 4.04. The next day, it fell below 3.99. There arose some controversy over whether Max meant within 72 hours or at the 72-hour mark. After 72 hours had passed, Max left the comment "What you don't realize is that typogra is a guy, making the whole thing funnier" instead of clearing up the situation. Kassius pledged not to make any more sites until he got Fanfare back, as can be seen in his highly popular remix, Poland 3kit.


After checking up on YTMND for the first time in 2007, max finally decided to deliver on his promise and return the domain to Kassius, but rather than delete it as before, he directly transferred ownership, leaving all the spam there. Kassius deleted and remade the site, shedding the comments and downvotes.

Sites Concerned With the Situation