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(Considering the nature of this fad, an animated infobox image might be more appropiate.)
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{{iboriginal|girlface|Another girl who doesn't change facial expressions}}
{{ibdate|October 2005|October 3, 2005}}
|title1=Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions.
|title2=YTMND's opinion on scientology doesn't change facial expressions.
|title3=Paris Hilton doesn't change facial expressions.
|title4=Fry doesn't change facial expressions.
|title5=LEGOs don't change facial expressions
|title6=Firefox doesn't change facial expressions
{{ibt|Used Music}}
{{ibm|Eric Prydz|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/e59248ba686027b1af34e11539369af0 Call on Me]}}
'''Facial Expressions''' is a fad generally involving a fast-moving animated GIF of a person in different photos but with the same facial expression. These YTMNDs are accompanied by the Eric Prydz song "Call on Me". Two of these YTMNDs are currently in the [[Hall of Fame]], {{link|parisfacial|Paris Hilton doesn't change facial expressions}}, because it is the most viewed, and {{link|lohanfacial|Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions}}, because it was famously posted and watermarked on [[eBaum's World]] without giving credit to the original creator. This action started what is commonly known as "the YTMND war".
In more recent versions the picture may also be static and depict various people either "dead" or "frozen".  The first trap site created was called "{{link|han-dcfe|Han Solo doesn't change facial expressions}}" which instead of showing a gif of Han Solo's face changing expressions, showed a static JPEG picture of frozen Han Solo as seem in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  There have been many similar sites made since including the popular "Fry Doesn't Change Facial Expressions", which shows Phillip J. Fry of Futurama trapped in a frozen pod as seen in the first episode of Futurama.
It originated from a flash file that was found in an update (on May 24, 2005) at [[Albino Blacksheep]] called 'The Face'. The .gif used in the Lindsay Lohan version of this fad became infamous when it was posted and watermarked on EBaum's World without permission. On a side note it is sometimes disputed whether the original "Facial Expressions" YTMND was actually "{{link|japanisnotoriginalatanime|Anime is Original?}}", especially since it was incepted two months before "{{link|girlface|Another Girl Who Doesn't Change Facial Expressions}}".
== Origins ==
A user of the SomethingAwful.com forums was suspicious about a person who contacted him by IM who claimed to be a hot girl who was "sweating" for him. Internet detectives investigated and pictures of the girl were posted, leading to the [http://girlface.ytmnd.com/ Another girl who doesn't change facial expressions] site. In fact the sketchy "hot girl" turned out to be a homosexual man named Victor who found pictures of this girl. [http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?s=1a3f8a1a286abce365091c9f32997535&threadid=1675856&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 SomethingAwful.com thread] <b>WARNING: 80+ pages</b>
{{wikipedia|Facial_expression|facial expressions|left}}
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